Some websites that I bothered to read and liked have been pinned down below. You may find them of your interest too.
If you got something interesting too, please post and it might be included here :-)

1. Important Downloads
2. Core links
3. Recommended Reading
4. More Links

1. Important Downloads:

1.1 JDK 7 API Documentation
1.2 Java Decompiler to look inside the .class .jar files.

2. Core links:

2.1 Java 7 API Doc
2.2 Java Language Specification (JSE 7)

3. Recommended Reading:

3.1 Top Ten Errors Java Programmers Make
3.2 The Fizz-Buzz code explained and in Coderanch, hammered!
3.3 Write Dumb Code
3.4 Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

4. More Links:

4.1 XyzWs Study Guides. Old but good read.
4.2 The jGuru website has many interesting topics' compilation.
4.3 The Java Virtual Machine Specification.
4.4 JavaTPoint, if you want to quickly revise for interview etc.

4.5 Free computer books has many awesome books in pdf format.

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