Saturday, January 5, 2013

Java Keywords

As of Java 7, there are 50 keywords. I have compiled them for convenience by grouping them into different categories.

> The static keyword has been mentioned twice just for the sake of completing the category.
> In data types, all keywords but void may be used as data type as well as return type of methods, void can be used only as return type.
> The usage of goto and const have not yet been specified by the boys and girls at erstwhile Sun, now Oracle, and they remain unused so far.
> Under group 4, Control Statements, "transfer" sub-groups those keywords which are used for transfer of control, I mean you understand my feeling!
> And for someone's sake, please do not call null, true and false keywords. They are literals.
> Reiterating millions of mouths, keywords make compiler determine how to handle a piece of code like iteration in case of for loops, while literals represent some value and will be part of expressions.

Java Keywords
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