Hi there, welcome to Java Bambino's addressing and musings on Java! This is where a bambino, meaning an ankle-biter or a young child (as in Princeton's free WordWeb dictionary) will post about fiery encounters with Java. Some nuances explained and some confusing concepts explored. Lets do it together!

This is not a tutorial site or some teeth-crushing technology forum like this, this or this, but the opinions and difficulties faced by an amateur Java programmer, so you get only a few things that concern a beginner.

Feel free to post comments and we can discuss and bring things to table so that bambinos elsewhere find our work useful.

Note: (i) All the materials and texts added here are sole property of me, these were prepared for my understanding. (ii) You can use them if you want, just make sure you kindly add my name or this blog's address in the "Courtesy" section. (iii) This is maintained as a hobby, not as a job or business.

Remember: Solutions to the most foolish questions and doubts always involves the most intellectual minds. And here, we do not ask foolish questions, because we are foolish! ;-)